Krista Goon’s Interview By Colin Ong

Krista has known Colin Ong of MR=MC Consulting (Singapore) for many years now – he used to contribute articles to the web portal which she was managing. His articles on training and HR are insightful and helpful too.

She thought she had lost touch with him after she left her old company but today’s world isn’t really that huge – they connected again after finding they were on the same social and business networking site! Krista has been on for two years now and she recently joined Colin’s Mentor for Startups Group on

He interviewed her a few months ago but they worked together to update the interview and today the interview has been placed online at the Mentors for Startups Group Forum.

The interview is mostly about Krista and how she became a business owner (by a curious twist of fate!) even though she never really wanted to be one. She talks too of her role model and the books she reads. She also gives some ideas of what we usually do when we’re not in front of the PCs.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the things you never knew about us.

Thanks Colin for featuring us and giving us a spot in the limelight!


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