7 Questions You Simply Must Ask Your Web Designer

1. What mistakes do people make when choosing a web designer?

Most people make the mistake of buying a website based on price. They will go for cheap web designers because they don’t know what it is they hope to achieve with a website. They just think they need a website because their competitor has a website and they must have one too without finding out WHAT they want to use it for.

When clients come to us, we help them uncover exactly what they want to do with a website and most importantly, why.

The WHY needs to be answered first because if there’s no strong reason, the website cannot help you grow your business. It’s as simple as that.

2. Why is there a need to get a website done by a professional web designer?

If you are not running a business, you can get a website simply designed and put it on the world wide web and your reputation will not be affected. But if you are serious about your business and don’t want your image tarnished by a sub-standard website, a professional website is an investment you should look into.

A website is an investment. Like all marketing tools, it comes with a price.

It is an investment because it is capable of paying for itself many times over when it brings you more clients and ultimately, more business.

But that is only when the website is designed to attract business. However, not every website works this way.

A properly designed website will help you generate leads and prospects if you select a web design professional who knows how to build marketing and business strategy into a website.

Otherwise, your website will just be another website on the world wide web and you will not know why you keep paying yearly to renew your domain name and web hosting.

3. How can I be sure that you can help me?

The proof is in what our clients say. Ask our clients and they will tell you the our clients as a result of getting their websites designed by us as well as getting reliable and prompt advice from us.

Take a look at our clients’ case studies to understand how we help them solve their most pressing (marketing) problems.

4. Why can’t I design the website myself?

Of course, you can design your own website. The issue is, DO you want to?

As entrepreneurs, we should know what is the best use of our time. Everyone has 24 hours.

Which would you rather do? Spend time designing a website or spend time growing your business?

Do you want to spend hours tweaking colours, selecting the most appropriate typography, resizing and optimising photographs, writing and re-writing your text, finding out how to optimise your overall website, submitting your website to search engines and directories, updating and maintaining your website, checking for links, and more when you can spend your time strategizing for your business?

Every task involves a cost-benefit.

Our question to you: Is designing a website the most effective use of your time and money?

Remember, time is also translated into money because spending time learning how to design your own website prevents you from doing other more profitable activities.

You could be spending time networking, meeting clients and doing more productive work instead of stomping on your PC in frustration! (Yes, many a time we ourselves go nuts deciphering CSS and HTML. Stomping on your PC is just one of the milder reactions to extreme frustration. We don’t wish that on anyone!) So get a professional web designer. Don’t sweat blood.

5. Why should small businesses choose your design services?

We’re business people first. We understand business and we use web design to help you get more business from the web.

6. What can I expect from using your design services?

We design with marketing and business sense because we are designing a marketing machine for your business. Number two, we design for web usability. We design websites that are clear, easy to use and attractive. We design websites to help you stand out from your competitors and give you the results you need.

In fact, you can call us marketers who use the web as a medium to get the business results you need.

It appals us that so many designers design purely for themselves without taking a step back to ask “Is this website usable? Does it fulfil the marketing objectives of my client? Can it fulfil what my client wants it to do? And how will I know whether it can fulfil those objectives?”

We ask these questions before we start designing any website. We are known for asking tough questions but we do it in your best interest.

7. Any advice for small business owners looking for web designers?

First, ask your friends/ family to refer a web designer they’ve used and trust. It is a better bet than picking one randomly from the Yellow Pages or going for a cheap web designer. You do get what you pay for.

Next, go online and find the website of that particular designer. Professional designers must have their portfolio online for you to view. Check out his clients and more importantly, their quality. See what his clients are saying about him.

Be open and honest with your designer about what you want in a website. An experienced designer will advise you on what you really need in a website. He won’t try to sell you everything.

Remember, you don’t need everything that you can get – just everything that you need.

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