Is Your Email Ruining Your Credibility?

Let’s face it: everyone started off with a Hotmail account or two. And then it was Yahoo. Now it is Gmail, courtesy of Google.

All these email accounts are free.

But is your email ruining your credibility, particularly if you’re in business?

I’ve come across odd email addresses which should have never made their way onto business cards.
Your email address is as good as your business message. Why raise doubts (not to mention a chuckle or two) by having a quirky email address? (Unless of course if you’re in the business of being quirky such as in the clown or circus business!)

While business is not always serious, it does pay to adhere to some decorum when choosing an email address. Choose one that’s not frivolous but one that’s timeless and classic. If in doubt, stick to being boring.

For instance, is not an email you’d want to spread far and wide. What sort of message are you giving out to your customers? That you’re a big Winnie the Pooh fan?

When you’re in business, it pays to register another email address and keep the casual email address out of the equation.

And never abbreviate, if you can, in email addresses. Abbreviated names only make sense to you and those who know you. It won’t mean a thing to acquaintances or people you’ve just met.

The danger of abbreviated names in email addresses is that people often get confused and type the wrong letters! Is it ‘’ or ‘’? It’s not just typing these letters… try saying it over the phone!

Lastly, being clever online does not mean you can simply name what you wish for email addresses. If you have a generic email address for enquiries, it’s all right to be boring by naming your email “”. I have seen many people who try too damn hard by getting names like which is not intuitive and which no one can recall offhand if they wanted to!

The last word is, of course, you should never resort to using free email accounts if you have a domain of your own.

Why help brand other companies when you can start creating some buzz with your own?

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