Malaysian Lawyers and Website Regulations

If you don’t have a website, you’re considered out-dated. A website is often the first thing people check if they are interested in your product or service. Like most people, I like to do my own research on products which I like and find out everything about it before I pay.

But what happens if you’re a professional like a lawyer? Can lawyers have websites? You cannot advertise, that’s for sure but is having a website considered advertising/self-promotion?

I wasn’t too sure about Malaysian lawyers though I do know that overseas, the lawyers seem a lot more sure about websites.

One of my clients is a lawyer and he approached me to design for him a website sometime last year. And he had no reservations whatsoever.Locally though many lawyers still do not have websites. Maybe they are still unsure what they can do with a website. Well, here’s something which can put their fears to rest.

Here’s a link to the pages on the Malaysian Bar website which spells out clearly what lawyers can and cannot do with a website.

What I gather is this:

1. If you cease practice, you must remove your website from the world wide web.

2. Disclaimers should be displayed prominently on the website.

3. Lawyers can track their visitors but cannot publicly reveal this information.

For more detailed information, read “Website Rules for Law Firms 2005” at

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