9 Tips for Taking Good Product Photos

Here are more tips for those who are selling goods online and want to make their product photos stand out.

1. Take a portion of the product.

It could be half or three-quarter of the product. You don’t need to show the whole product. Use a thumbnail of the partial product to attract customers to click for a larger photo.

2. Angle the product.

Must all photos be straight? No. Angle your camera so it shoots well… from an angle.

3. Bits and bobs.

If your product is combined from a number of parts, have a separate photo showing the separate bobs and bits. It’ll let the customer know how it all fits together and what they’ll be getting when they buy it. And describe the parts.

4. Tiny can be good too.

If the product you sell is tiny, show off the incredible detailing of this tiny product. Shoot close-ups of the product and get more of the intricate details.

5. How is it used?

Show how it is used. If the product is best shown being used, shoot the photo with a model using the product especially if it is new or complicated. Cute kids with kids products always enhance the products.

6. Fabrics and clothes.

If you are selling clothes, lay the clothes flat and shoot. No hangers please. Or get someone to model them. If that person’s shy, tell him or her to turn their face sideways.

7. Varieties and options.

If you have the same product in different colours, why not arrange them in a circle and shoot? It’s always attractive and at the same time, shows your customers the range of colours available.

8. Add complementary ideas.

If you are selling photo frames, why not insert a photo into the frame to make it look lively?

9. Snoop!

If at lost for ideas, pick up good catalogues and brochures (one of them is IKEA). Study how products are featured and how they are arranged.

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  1. Adding simple elements behind your product or different colors and textures can work awesome, while doing product photography. You just have to keep it simple. I love the ideas that you have mentioned in the article. The 9 tips are very simple and yet effective for product photography.


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