Who Are You?

How you talk to your customers online, offline and on the phone says a lot about your company and the people you train.

Or don’t train.

It always upsets me when I call a company and get bad-tempered receptionists or employees who pass the call around.

I can tolerate bad-tempered receptionists – but in this day and age, if you have such people working for you, I think it’s high time you sent them for some customer service training. It’s bad for your company as these people are the first contact point with the prospects and customers.

Employees who pass the call around are also on top of my pet peeves list. If you cannot find your colleague whom the call is intended, why not ask if you can take a message? It’s that simple but no one bothers. Especially China-man companies. Getting them to take your message is like forcing a root canal on them.

This morning, I called a client’s office. This is no China-man office. It’s spanking new and has a hip postcode.

The conversation went like this.

Person: Hello, this is (name of company).

Me: “Hi, may I speak to ______ please?”

Person on the other line: “Who are you?”

I was truly taken aback as this is the first time I have ever come across someone who asks “Who are you?”

I supposed he meant, who is on the line, before he passed the call forward but the way he said it, anyone would be shocked too.

How one speaks on the phone as well as how one words one’s email is important in sending out the right message to your audience or customer.

For this particular person, I suggest his company sends him for Ron Kaufman’s Up Your Service seminar (and no, Ron is NOT paying me to recommend him either!). I learnt a whole lot from him four years ago when he gave his seminar in KL. Ron helps companies improve customer service which in turn make customers happy and come back again and again!

Ron is a real livewire on stage and you won’t be bored. Lots of MNCs (multinational companies) and financial institutions send their staff to attend his training. Everyone benefits, not only front-desk staff but even business owners like myself.

If you cannot afford his live whole-day training, reading his books are another way you can pick the man’s brains. And if you are keen to learn more first about Ron, you can also subscribe to his free newsletter (you can sign up at his website).

That would prevent your receptionist from barking, “Who are you?”

To visit Ron Kaufman’s website, go to http://www.ronkaufman.com

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