Laksa Going Places

It gratifies me to hear great news especially when it is about clients’ success. Stefania informed me that besides being written up in the local Sarawak newspapers, her popular Sarawak laksa story was just featured by Bernama about two days ago.

And orders and enquiries, the last I heard, were coming in by the dozen through the website which I designed for her.

Way to go!

In fact, a Singaporean hotel is currently running a promotion on Sarawak laksa using paste which they bought from her. It seems that the hotel people had found her website online and started enquiring about her laksa paste.

Besides, I heard from her that not only are locals keen to become her distributors, Malaysians and non-Malaysians overseas are also interested in buying the paste for themselves.

I am extremely glad for Stefania as this demonstrates the power of the Internet and how one can use a well-designed website as a strategic marketing tool.

Many people lament that their websites don’t bring in leads and I tell them, it’s because they don’t know how to make full use of their websites. Many would build the websites themselves or get their nephew to build them one, using MS Frontpage and then leave the website to rot on the world wide web. Next thing you know, they’d complain that their website is useless and never brought in a single prospect.

A website is a very strong and powerful marketing tool in today’s wired world. But getting a website designed is half your battle won. The other half is to constantly maintain it, update it and make it easy for your visitors to find information. Many businesses fail to realise this ‘secret’ is the key to unlocking bountiful treasures of the web.

If you want to know what insider secrets there is to maintaining and keeping your website in tip-top condition (as well as ranking well in search engine results), do sign up for my free ezine, sent out at the end of each month.

In the meantime, here’s the Bernama write-up on Stefania and her laksa paste business, dated 20 March 2006.

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