Always Ask!

One of the easiest ways I always use to help me find out more information is to ASK.

But most people are shy to open their mouths to ask. Why? Maybe it is the fear of rejection. People don’t like hearing the word “No”. But believe me, if you ask the right way, there isn’t a way you will end up with a firm and ugly “No”.

For myself, asking is a great way to find out what’s ticking in the prospect’s mind. Or what bugs my clients. Or why clients do the things they do, or what level their understanding of a topic or issue is.

Just a couple of days ago, I was called in to meet with an educational institution to propose a website revamp.

As we were walking towards her director’s office, I weaved my question into the conversation.

“So how did you find us?”

It always amazes me that most people don’t ask this question of their prospects. Based on their answers, you can actually zoom in on your target market and where they see your advertising and promotion efforts!

Their answers will help you find out which ad avenues are working and which aren’t. If they found you in newspapers or the classifieds, it means your classified ad is working. This means you should not stop the advertising.

Miss C turned and gave me a huge grin. “I went online and did a search and your website was one of those which caught my eye.”

She also said that she viewed our design portfolio and read up all about us and the company before she proceeded to pick up her phone and called to meet.

“You know what’s ironical? Most website companies out there who say they design websites don’t even have websites of their own!” She laughed and shook her head.

So that’s why I always ask. When I ask, I get more answers which will help me strengthen my company and keep me optimising my website (via precise meta tags etc.) so that people who are looking for professional website designers who design with marketing in mind will more often than not, find us.

That’s why a website with useful information is important. It allows your prospects to check out your products and services (even your company) and makes them the ultimate decision-makers when they decide to call you for a quote or a meeting.

So the moral is: always ask.

Ask how clients found you. Ask how they like your service. Ask what else can be improved. By doing so, you get free feedback in helping you strategise and move your business forward.

And as always, too, never assume you know everything. As my friend once quipped, to ASSUME is to make an ASS out of U and Me. 😉

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