Secrets of High Quality Websites

If you have a website, you should pay attention to Search Engine Optimisation or what’s commonly known as SEO.

It’s the difference of people finding you and people NOT finding you on the Internet.

If you’d like a primer on what SEO is, you can really find out a lot more (such as who are Google’s founders and etc. ) by going to Wikipedia – it explains what SEO is and what it evolved from.

But if you have no time to do so, Getting Granular gives a good introduction (and a quicker one too!) about what it means to be search engine optimised. To make a long story short, the five forces of SEO are:

* keywords

* content

* code

* links

* technology

Read that article here.

What’s interesting (perhaps it isn’t so surprising after all) is that high quality websites rank well. What does that mean?

High quality websites include

* websites which are clean and load fast, with frequently updated, relevant content

* websites which have easy navigation, and certainly no keyword stuffing everywhere

* websites with clear, ethical links meaning they are linked to from other directories and other websites (again, none of that buying links and trying to arm twist itself into the good books of the search engines) and certainly no links to websites which look “shady”

* websites with good, pure, solid content… not content auto-generated nor gobbledegook stuff

* websites without technical errors or broken links

* websites with sitemaps

What this indicates is that there simply is NO point trying to fool the search engines by loading keywords onto a web page and little else.

Always create for your human users, not to curry favour with the search engine of the week.

And the order of the day is – be ethical.

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