Will Your Business Be Around in 10 Years?

Small business owners are guilty of this.

I am too.

It’s not through any fault of ours that we have this business shortsightedness.

Well, that’s what I call it. We immerse ourselves completely in our business that we hardly take time to step back and plan.

Yes, plan. No, this post is not about writing business plans.

Most small business owners are frightened of that big word. I won’t tell you how many times I tried to sit down and write my own business plan.

Yes, me. Even after all these years in business. (I have phrases here and there and more mind maps than ever. I think I’ll stick to mind maps since I am more of a visual person.)

But it’s good to ask ourselves some questions every once in a while. I decided to post this now and not in the earlier part of the month of January because lots of people are offended by resolutions. Some hate it and won’t make any. Many make some resolutions and stash them away until 31 December and then they’ll feel extremely guilty for forgetting half of their resolutions!

These 10 questions prompt you to think about your business in a way that’s part-evaluative and part-visionary. You reflect on what you did before and design what you want in the future. Take your time with each question. Ponder over them as I did.

I wrote them all down in 3 x 5″ cards (one question on each card) and looked at the cards when I had pockets of time such as waiting in the car for my other half, or waiting in line at the bank. Or take them with you to the beach and take time to answer each one as honestly as you can. Answer out loud as you do and record these thoughts using an MP3 player. (This saves you from writing and forgetting your thoughts halfway!)

Thanks, Paul Lemberg, for 10 Ways to Grow Your Business.

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