Found Your Business Opportunity Yet? Here Are More Ideas!

The biggest problem for most wannabe entrepreneurs is that they don’t know what sort of business they ought to set up.

A friend, JS, was asking me this question not too long ago. I then told him what I always tell my other friends who want to emulate my lifestyle (that is, become my own boss).

I said, “Do what you love.”

He looked at me like I was mad. JS had this incredulous look on his face which said, you have to be joking.

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How Do You Know if Your Website is Working?

I’ve the utmost respect for C.J.Hayden ever since I read her articles two years back. She’s an extraordinary consultant, trainer, author and speaker. Grab her books if you can as in them, she teaches you how you can get more clients and more importantly, retain them.

I’ve chosen this article of hers titled “Make your website work for you so you can work less” so you will know why a website is one of the most helpful tools in your business marketing toolkit, if designed correctly and used correctly!

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