Is Your Website Outdated?

What’s an outdated website?

It’s a website which still harks back to the early or mid-90s when anything elicited a “wow” from neophyte users of the web.

These days, users are all grown up and most are jaded anyway. They want fresh and exciting stuff when they come to your website.

What’s an outdated website anyway?

1. One that uses frames.

2. Lots of blinking stuff.

3. Corny music which play automatically (serves to drive users away).

4. Visible visitor counters (only YOU need to know how many people came by anyway).

5. Flash (make that lots of Flash which pads the owner’s ego but annoys users)

Here’s more…it’s an interview between Alf Nucifora and Catherina Jampierre titled “Is Your Website Showing Signs Of Age?”

It’ll give you an idea of what NOT to put on your website. Or if you have them, get your web designer to remove them.

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