Do Your Photos Entice?

If you run an e-store where you sell tangible products, remember that customers cannot touch or feel the products you sell.

So you must show how attractive your products are. Through photos.

I think that’s the most important factor for any e-store or online shop selling products online.

If you own an e-store, you must first think of the photography before you think of anything else (yes, even copy is secondary…well, sometimes. If you have lousy copy but great product photos, you’ve probably won half the battle.)

Better photos draw customers. But how do you take better photos if you have a limited budget and cannot afford to hire a professional photographer?

Here are some tips to get you started. (But you’re wondering, am I a web design professional or am I a photographer? Well, some background on myself – photography was and still is my hobby even before I started my web design firm.)

1. Get a good digital camera.

In today’s day and age, it is easy even for an amateur to shoot his own product photos. Set it to the highest resolution. This ensures that you can reduce the size of the photo later without losing details. If you shoot at a lower resolution, you may not be able to enlarge without causing the photo to look fuzzy or blurred.

2. Set up the background.

Wonder why photos taken in professional photo studios look fantastic? It all lies in the background.

I’m going to teach you how you can set up your own temporary studio so your photos can have the same background, thus ensuring uniformity for all your photos. Also, the uniform background ensures that your product is brought to the foreground. For your e-store purposes, get a large sheet of black or white paper/cloth. Tape one end firmly to a wall. Let the rest of the sheet drape with an excess of 2 feet or so on a horizontal level. You will be placing your product in the centre of this sheet. Once you take a snapshot, you will not see any unsightly edges or corners of a table. Instead you get a smooth background which you can crop out digitally if you want.

3. Get adequate lighting.

Many amateur photos are ruined due to bad lighting or inadequate lighting. Lighting is the life of photography because bad lighting causes unsightly shadows on your product or you cannot discern the details of your product.

Try taking product shots in morning sunlight (not too bright please). Otherwise, experiment near open windows. Try different times of the day too because this also gives you different types of lighting – some softer, others harsher.

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