How’s Your Marketing Tool Doing?

How’s your marketing tool doing?

If you asked me which, I’d ask “Which is your single most effective marketing tool?”

Don’t know?

Well. It’s your website. Yes. WEBSITE.

Your Website, Your Marketing Tool

A website is the single most effective marketing tool you can ever have but most people do not even consider their websites a marketing tool.

A website can help you find prospects, ramp up your credibility and show you as an expert (if not THE expert) and helps you stay in touch with prospects and clients.

But here’s where the problem starts. The website you have might not be effective if you do not know the secrets of an effective website.

Secrets of An Effective Marketing Tool

The secret to an effective website lies in the communication. Or you can call it the marketing message. Or whatever you feel like calling it though at the end of the day, it is still communication.

What is your website telling your visitors?

Does it communicate the right message?

Before communicating the right message, ensure you know what your message is.

What Is Your Message?

To help you think about this (it’s important, believe me), here are some thought-provoking questions.

1) What am I selling?

2) Who am I selling to?

3) What makes me different from the rest?

(This one stumps many people. Don’t say that you’re cheaper. If your competitor slashed prices tomorrow, you won’t be that different or unique anymore. Look for the characteristics which define your business and who you are. Or better still, take this opportunity to ask your best clients why they love working with you.)

4) What can clients expect if they come to me?

5) What problem am I helping them to solve?

Take some time and think about the answers. Then craft your marketing message to focus on these five questions. Only then will your website be able to communicate directly and clearly to your web visitors. Otherwise, it would only be an online brochure.

And that would really be a pity!

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