How to Choose a Quality Domain Name

If you are setting up your website, you need to choose a good quality domain name. This article below by Shelley Lowery tells you what you should consider because after all, it is the identification of you and your business online.

Selecting a Quality Domain Name

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When you’re ready to launch your web site and you’re trying
to select a good domain name, there are many factors that
need to be taken into consideration.

Select a Domain Name that Reflects Your Web Site

Above all else, your domain name should reflect what your
web site is all about. For example, if your web site is
about grooming a dog, you certainly wouldn’t want to select
a domain name like ‘,’ as this would have
nothing to do with your web site’s focus. You would want to
select a domain name that tells the world what your web
site is all about — something like ‘’

Select a Domain Name that Contains Your Web Site’s Keywords

Another consideration of great importance are your
keywords. Try to select a domain name that contains your
most relevant keyword phrase, as some Search Engines place
relevancy on them. A keyword phrase is two or more words
that best describe your web page. If your web page is
focusing on grooming a dog, your best keyword phrase will
be “dog grooming.”

Select a Domain Name that will be Easily Remembered

With millions of web sites accessible on the Internet, it
is also very important to select a domain name that will be
easily remembered. As in the ‘’ example
above, ‘’ is very easily remembered,
contains the most relevant keyword phrase and describes the
web site in explicit detail. It is the ‘perfect’ domain
name for this particular web site.

Select the Best Domain Extension

Another consideration of importance is the domain name
extension. Although there are many new domain extensions
available, dotcom is still the best choice. When typing in
a web address, Internet users automatically want to type in
a .com extension, as this is the extension that has been
embedded into our brains from the start.

Avoid Using Numbers in Your Domain Name

Although you may be tempted to do so, avoid using numbers
within your domain name. Including a number within your
domain name can cause problems, as when you tell someone
your web address, you will continually have to tell them
it’s a number and not the word. For example, if you
selected a domain name like, if you were to
tell someone your web address, they may try to type it as
‘’ instead of ‘’ This type
of domain name would cause confusion.

Avoid using Dashes and Underscores in Your Domain Name

Although many people do it, don’t make the same mistake I
made when I first started out. Avoid using dashes,
underscores or any other characters within your domain name
that may cause confusion. When I registered my domain name,, I actually wanted; however,
it had already been registered. So, I settled for Now, when I tell someone my domain name, I
have to say it like this: web dash source dot net.

Don’t get me wrong, is now a high
traffic web site, but I can only imagine how much traffic
I’ve lost over the years due to my domain name. I have
received many emails over the years from visitors who had a
hard time finding my site. They said they couldn’t remember
the domain name and kept wanting to type in

Avoid using Abbreviations within Your Domain Name

Although well-known companies, such as IBM, can get away
with using abbreviations within their domain name, most
companies can’t. As a rule, try to avoid using
abbreviations or anything that will be difficult for your
visitors to remember. Not only will this cause confusion,
but it can also cause your potential visitors to make
spelling mistakes when trying to type in your web address.

Avoid using Long Domain Names

Although you may now register long domain names, it’s
really not a good idea. I learned this lesson the hard way.
I registered ‘’ and the
sad thing is … I can’t remember the domain name half the
time. How can I expect my potential visitors to remember
it? Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. The
longer the domain name the harder it is to remember and the
more apt your potential visitors are to make a typo when
typing it into their browser.

Ensure Your Domain Name is Not a Trademark Infringement

Prior to registering a domain name, you may want to
consider searching the Trademark Electronic Search System, to ensure your
potential domain name isn’t infringing on any trademarks.

Please don’t take this point lightly, as trademark
infringement could cost you your entire business. It is
your responsibility to ensure that your potential domain
name doesn’t infringe on any registered trademarks, as the
trademark laws that apply in the hard copy world also apply
on the Internet. Any company that registers a trademark has
the right to protect their trademark and has the right to
notify you that your domain name is infringing upon their

When you’re ready to begin, create a list of a dozen or
more potential domain names, as chances are, your first
choice will already be taken. With any luck, one of the
domain names on your list will be available.

Take your time and select a quality domain name that will
grow with your business. It will be well-worth your time
and effort in the long run.

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