It’s in the Relationship!

Are you staying in touch with your customers and prospects?

If you aren’t, you should be!

How many businesses have lost hundreds of ringgit in business if only they remembered to keep in touch! That’s why bigger businesses use CRM software (that’s Customer Relationship Management) to stay in touch with their prospects and customers.

But as small businesses, we don’t need a piece of software to help us do that. If you have CRM, then fine. But if you don’t, all it takes is to remember to touch base with your customers and prospects.

Yes, keep in touch with people who have bought from you and people whom you think would buy from you, maybe not now but sometime soon.

“But they rejected my product outright the last time I spoke to them!” You wail.

Like Trump says, it’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

You see, when your prospects rejected or refused to buy your product or service last year, it does not mean they hate your guts or had no use for your product/service forever.

Things, situation, people change. And if you keep in touch with them, sincerely*, there’s no doubt that when they are ready to buy, they will think of you.

Because you kept popping up in their minds. Why? Because you bothered to keep in touch. You wanted to keep in touch. You sent a hello once in a while through email. You enquired after them without pushing them to buy (we all know how we hate pushy, aggressive sales people who don’t take “no” for an answer) and you did not create pressure for them.

And if you did keep in touch sincerely, they will see you as a friend and relax when they meet you or see your email. And that’s how you win a sale and start a business relationship.

As is known, people do business with people they like. No point in benefitting your enemy is there?

So if you had someone say “No, not interested” in your face today, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Take it as permission to stay in touch and be a friend. I can guarantee you that when he or she is ready to buy, you’ll be the first in their minds.

* When I say sincerely, I mean that you should take the pressure of selling off yourself too. Once you let go of the notion of selling, and just aim to be yourself, open, engaging and friendly, it shows. Especially in your body language and the way you speak. Nothing is more unctuous than faked sincerity.

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