Are You in Your Pajamas?

I think I am moved to write this post for a number of reasons. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Internet because it is hailed as the future of the economy. If you are not online, you’re outdated and you’re old news. But embedded in this excitement is hype. HYPE is “blatant or sensationalised promotion”. Hype is good if you know that hype, at the end of the day, is plain hype. Hype without action is pure drivel anyway.

But that’s exactly what most people, caught up with hype, don’t realise. They are buoyed by the money signs – “Wah, you can make money while you sleep! Wah, don’t need to do anything also can make money” and etc.

I blame it on the so-called Gurus of Internet. (Say, there are more Gurus than Followers these days you know. Anyone with a hint of Internet experience can appoint themselves as the Guru.)

So you get all these Gurus offering free seminars with sizzling titles such as “How I Made Millions While Lounging Around Like A Lizard” or “What Other Gurus Won’t Tell You Because They Don’t Know” or “How You Can Also Make A Million Without Doing A Thing…Guaranteed”.

The key is, grab these money-hungry-want-to-go-online-but-dunno-how-and-dunno-why by offering a free introduction seminar where you tease them a bit more with the riches for their taking. Then you knock them over with a proposition – pay RMX,XXX for the more detailed seminar and learn the true secrets no one’s telling you about. Take these juicy secrets, go home and start making a million.

What this does is that these seminars give false hope to certain people. Certain people who are easily influenced by hype and the idea of making money without lifting a finger to do work.

First of all, this is what I keep repeating: if you want to start a business, regardless of whether it is online or offline, you must be prepared to do work. Yes, put in the effort.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. And the same Internet gurus who are reputedly making millions, well, they are still making most of their money through their seminars which cost a good four-figure (ahem) “investment”. These days, why call it “price” when you can play a little with words and re-label it as “investment”? Being politically-correct or plain beating around the bush, really, it’s how you call it that makes people willing to fork over their wallets/credit cards.

If some people are looking for a fast buck or a faster way to make money, why not try MLM? I could imagine a 100 or so easier ways to make money.

But that’s the problem isn’t it? When everyone’s going around screaming “Take advantage of the Internet…buy, sell, be rich overnight” like headless chickens, when your IT-illiterate neighbour is supposedly trotting off to the next (yes, there are so many seminars these days) seminar to learn MORE secrets, you find yourself a bit left out and decide to join the “revolution of money-making” online.

I used to have this friend who attended every Free Internet Seminar he could go to and yet keeps asking me “What other secrets are there to doing biz online?”. I tell him in all seriousness that there really aren’t that many secrets (but then again, if you’re dim as hell, anything you don’t know IS a secret!). The secret is to get out there and take action. Theory is fine but there must come a time when you need to take action. Well, I told him, put those ‘secrets’ to work! He has yet to do so as he is still waiting for that BIG secret of making money on the Internet to whack him on the head with inspiration.

“Put in effort? You mean, actually… like… WORK?” People can’t stand it when I tell them this fact about doing a biz online. They just want to hear stuff like “Hang around in your pajamas and watch your cheques coming in your post”.

“But that’s too hard! Making money online should be easy, well, at least easier than my day job!” They whine. Well, I guess that’s why they keep attending the same old seminars. To pump themselves up but forever stuck because they can’t get past the hype to take action. They just want to feel good bouyed by the idea that they’ve collected yet another ‘Internet money making secret’.

So I am sometimes amused, most times perturbed that the Gurus have attracted a darn lazy group of seminar attendees – people who want fast money without wanting to work for it.

What’s wrong with working hard for your money anyway?

Has it become THAT denigrating to do a day’s honest job?

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