Word of Mouth Works…Everytime

Business isn’t really as strange as we all think it is.

For example, you can pick up 10 business and marketing books and you can read them cover to cover and you can find the same fundamentals apply, time and time again.

Even on the Internet, when supposedly doing business online is different from doing business offline, basics are basics.

The most basic of basics I would say is using the power of referrals. I can tell you this from experience: most of my clients come to me because they’ve been referred by their friends.

And it’s not only me. I can cite you examples of many of my business friends who find that word-of-mouth is more powerful than any other ad they can run.

Even I myself have been using friends’ recommendations. I trust my friends to tell me about a product or a service, rather than a couple of pushy salespeople. I trust them to let me know whom to buy from.

The clearest advantage of getting clients from referrals or word-of-mouth is that they already come to me pre-sold.


Half the selling is already done for me, by the person/client who is referring his or her friend. They already know what I offer and do, and come to me willingly.

They’ve checked out prices elsewhere of course but they trust their friends and so, if their friends use my website design/web hosting services, they have no tough questions. Price is never an issue.

But how do you get this word-of-mouth working for you?

For me, I rely on servicing my clients well, I write articles which are published online and offline, I freely dispense advice to prospects and I ensure I consistently do what I promise to do. I offer information without holding anything back and I make sure I educate each client or prospect who comes to me.

What have you used to create word-of-mouth referability?

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