Are You Wasting Money on Your Ad?

How effective is your ad?

Yes, the ad you run in the local newspaper, the ad you put in the local magazine.

Do you even know?

The reason I’m asking is, most people I meet tell me that they run ads in newspapers and don’t see any results. Therefore, their conclusion is: ads don’t work. At least, not for them. Maybe it works for big companies with big advertising budgets.

I’ve been running the same ad in every printed issue of a local magazine.


Granted, there are only four issues in a year but that’s not the point.

And I don’t have a big advertising budget either (remember, I run a website design/web hosting/web marketing business from home).

But I believe in spending money effectively and my ad, believe it or not, has generated enough interest and income for me to continue supporting the magazine every issue.

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Great Content is King…And Always Will Be

I cannot stress this enough. Great content on your website is always the number one attraction why people come around to your website.

It’s not the graphics. It’s not the Flash introduction which everyone skips (admit it, we all despise having to wait will the darn Flash intro loads and we always look for the ‘Skip Intro’ button on the bottom right of the screen).

It’s content.

Information, tips, articles, ezines, webinars, good reads, how-to’s, info sheets. Whatever you call it, at the end of the day, it is information that we’re all looking for. And darn, we hope to find it too!

That’s why I was quite happy to read Hunter Waterhouse’s article which says it well and says it with panache. Consider it a timely wake-up call for everyone to put great content on their website.

Hunter Waterhouse says that the success of any website is good, sticky, exclusive content.

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How To Build Your Brand

In business, it is all about branding.

Branding is basically defined as (in my own lingo anyway), a way to keep your business memorable and fresh in consumers’ minds. Branding also communicates to consumers in one second what your business is about. You don’t have to hem and haw because your business is instantly recognisable.

Think Nike. Think Apple. Think Dell.

Think of all the positive attributes you associate with these powerful brands.

Aside being easily recognisable, having a good and well-known brand gives you an added edge over your competitors.

Price is never an issue when you’re confronted with established brands. Price is often secondary when one talks about brands. That’s why you’ll win if you have a brand that stands out – it’s easier and more profitable to sell and you’ll never need to pay the price game if you don’t want to.

But it always seems easier for the big boys to build their brands and keep growing them right? After all, they’ve got the big budgets to spend on advertising.

Well, just so you know, having a big budget is not the only way to build a brand.

You can very well build a brand even if you’re a work-at-home business or a small business.

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