Advertise Your Website

When you have a website, you need to tell the people that matter that you are now in business. If you don’t get people to visit your website, no one knows what you offer.

1. Word of mouth!
Find opportunities to spread the word about your website. Inform your family members, neighbours and friends via email the moment your website is launched.  Include your website address on business stationery such as letterheads, envelopes and name card. Include them on t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, stickers, pens and any premiums that you give away as gifts.

2. Include an email signature with every outgoing email of yours!
You can include your name, company name, phone number and website address and one or two sentences describing what you offer. Don’t make it too long or tedious to read or unnecessary logos of your products. You can easily set up your email signature in your Gmail which comes up each time you compose your email.

3. Offer visitors something at your website 
Give prospects and customers a reason to check your website out. Tease them with offers of freebies. The freebies can be downloads in PDF that address a certain need or doubt of your target customers. An example,  “Get our exclusive free report on 99 ways to grow your visibility online when you visit our website:”.

4. Link to other websites 
Link to other websites that are complementary to yours. These are called external links but be sure to check if the websites are trustworthy. Nothing spoils your reputation more than bad, scammy links. If it’s easier, ask friends with websites to link to yours and vice-versa.

5. Advertise offline
Do not believe that if you are now doing online business you can forget about everything offline. Use offline methods to complement your online marketing and promotion. When I say advertise, pick your target market well too. If you target travellers, advertise in travel-related magazines. If you target engineers, advertise in industry related magazines for engineers or even sponsor an engineers’ seminar or conference. When you do so, you must remember to drive the offline traffic to your website to find out more.

6. Organise a raffle, draw or an online contest.
You can either use your own products as prizes or if you don’t have suitable prizes, work with other complementary businesses to offer generous prizes to attract participants. Ensure what you offer as a prize ties back in a way to your own business. Advertise the contest offline but ensure the participants visit your website to join the contest. This ensures they get to know your business, what it does and where to find you, when they need you. (Read this on how to organise a contest.)

7. Give people a reason to spread the word.
Create a referral or affiliate programme for other businesses to help refer customers to you. It usually works best if you have created a substantial commission and your partner feels it is worth their time and effort to promote your product. It may take some time for this programme to get started but when it does, it is another way for others to advertise for you.

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