3 Ways to Grow Yourself

Working on your own is sometimes a lonely endeavour because you do not have workmates and working hours are up to you. But it doesn’t have to be a solitary way of life…

Working from home is sometimes a lonely endeavour because you do not have workmates and working hours are up to you.

When things go right, you have yourself to praise but when things don’t go the way you plan, you also have yourself to reprimand. You may find yourself alone with no one to share your problems with.

But working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you cut off all social ties and become a hermit. It doesn’t have to be a solitary way of life.

What we have learnt through our years in business is that being on your own should give you more impetus to go out and meet more people if you want your business (and yourself) to grow.

Below are some ways we’ve found useful for our business and we hope you will find these tips helpful too.

Find a Teacher

Remember those days when everyone who wanted to learn a skill or a trade had to find a teacher? It’s the same in today’s world of technology. Find yourself a teacher who will not only guide you, but provide you the encouragement and assistance. This teacher could be a person who has been in the business or the field for some time hence chalking up the needed experience; or s/he could be a person whom you trust and know for some time and whom you know can be counted on for advice.

It could also be a new acquaintance or someone you’ve met recently as long as you know you can learn from him or her. You could ask this person if s/he could mentor you and most people would willingly share tips and information if you do it gracefully. Offer to help him or her in return for their valuable advice. The relationship should be reciprocal, not one-sided so that your mentor won’t feel that you are always there to ‘ask’ but never one to ‘give’ in return.

Join Similar-Minded People

Ever wondered why certain people join gyms, recreational clubs or trade associations? The urge to meet similar-minded people and exchange ideas and views could be one of the reasons. It’s easier to understand and to share with people who are like you in terms of interests, hobbies and maybe even business.

If you have always wanted to learn more, joining an association or a group of like-minded individuals would help you do that. If you look around, you would find plenty of clubs to join; you could start with the local breakfast club, the Toastmasters or the YMCA.

Getting out and socializing with people is also a great way to spread word about what you do and gain useful contacts for the future. At the very least, you enlarge your social circle and meet more friends.

Socialise Online

For those who have yet to think of using technology to further their interests, it’s time they did. Because there’s a huge world of opportunity out on the world wide web.

These days, there are various online networks to choose from to help you make connections with others all over the world. You can try an online search and we are sure you will find one networking group which suits your need.

The ones we frequently use are www.ryze.com and www.ecademy.com. For example, Ryze members get a free networking page and can join special networks related to their location, industry or interests.

The best part about being a member of any online networking group is that you can control how much of personal information you’d like others to know. You don’t even have to reveal your email (if you fear online stalkers) because you can send and receive messages right on the networking page itself.

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