Why Us

Here are some key benefits when you work with Redbox Studio. 

You Get Marketing Experts

If we can successfully market ourselves and our business, imagine what we can do for you.

Since 1998, we’ve been creating websites that sell.

Our websites have been consistently producing profits for our clients year after year. We use our own proven formula to build you a fantastic marketing machine. We’re able to do so because we’re known in our business community as fabulous marketers plus we’re generous in giving clients plenty of marketing ideas, help and support.

When we create a website for you, you can be sure it is a website that is planned, designed and written to help you get real sales. Read our clients’ success stories to see for yourself.

The Other Designers*…

(* refer to 80% of the “designers” out there who are template  users)

  • They have no marketing knowledge.
  • They agree to whatever you say because they are just your “design arm”.
  • When things go wrong, their standard reply is “But you wanted it to be done that way. Not our fault!”
  • They don’t know how to build credibility or marketing elements into a website because they don’t even know what these elements are.
  • They are always excited about the newest technology features but technology means nothing if it can’t help clients make more money!

Your Story Makes You Unique

One of the secrets of getting a website that works like your best sales person comes down to your unique story. Many websites fail because they’re dry and uninteresting. No one is captivated.

When you work with us, not only do we write an emotionally-engaging story for you, we make sure it encapsulates the very best of your business, as told in your own words.

Our process is simply this: we spend time, hours in fact, interviewing you so that we can capture what’s totally unique about you and why you started your business. After that we carefully write your story, one that keeps your website visitors hooked from the moment they land on your website.

Very few people understand how to do this because this expertise is more than just writing skills; it is about understanding the psychology of your website visitors and gaining their trust and empathy and drawing them into your world, slowly but surely.

The Other Designers…
  • They will ask you for your company profile because they will copy and paste whatever you give them into your website.
  • If there are typos, spelling errors or grammar mistakes, they won’t know it.
  • Most web designers never have a full-time copywriter on their team. They think design is all that matters.
  • They will never write or even bother interviewing you. Words scare them!

You Get The Best Strategies

When you become a client of ours, your needs will be taken care of.  It’s like having a marketing and website concierge at your finger tip! 

We know that the toughest part about going online is marketing and this is where we step in to help you get smart about navigating the digital world.

We’ll help you overcome the challenges and hurdles of the online world.

Even after your website is launched, we continue to offer you help, advice and more. 

You continue to get our best strategies via our master classes, books and online programmes. 


The Other Designers…
  • They don’t offer you anything after your website is completed.
  • You’ll be asked to use Google advertising if your website isn’t visible on search engines.  Your website isn’t visible because it wasn’t built to be visible with a strong SEO foundation!
  • They hope you never call them again. If you do, they will ignore your calls.

Website Is Well-Managed

The beautiful thing about working with Redbox Studio is that we manage your website for you like the professionals we are. It gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to take care of your own website.

You get to focus on growing your business and doing the things you know best while you entrust us to take care of your best marketing asset.

Managing your website keeps your website updated and exciting plus keeps it free from spammers and hackers. We maintain the back-end technology for you so that your website is always accessible and looks great, no matter which device/tablet/smartphone your customers use.

Our turnaround/response time is 10 minutes when you use our in-house innovation, Redbox Teleport. Your website gets updated in 10 minutes  from the time you leave an update request!

The Other Designers…
  • They hand your website back to you once it is officially completed.
  • They give you a login and password and inform you that it’s easy to login and make updates on your own.

Why don’t they maintain your website?

  • Troubleshooting technical problems is the least sexy part of website design. Plus it’s tedious and difficult especially if they aren’t knowledgeable about backend/programming/servers.
  • It’s time-consuming and at the same time, they can’t charge you for fixing the problem.
  • They use different website templates for different projects and they’ve forgotten which template they used for yours and it’s too tedious to check anyway.

Made For Marketing

Our Redbox X-Factor marketing system is based on Wing Chun, an age-old Chinese martial art. Our system – derived from Wing Chun’s incredibly potent principles – works to attract prospects and customers to your business, starting with a well-researched and well-positioned website.

If your website isn’t built right, no amount of Google advertising or website traffic will help you convert your visitors into buyers. It’s tragic, but it’s the cold hard truth!

Our  Redbox X Factor, used in all Redbox Studio website projects, is the foundation of the web design and marketing that we implement for clients.

The Other Designers…
  • They design as they please without a care for how a website should look or function.
  • Their designs are not based on any solid principles or fundamentals.
  • They don’t know colour theory or typography or general aesthetics nor do they understand marketing fundamentals.
  • Your website becomes their creative, experimental playground.

Optimised For SEO

When you get a website from Redbox Studio, you are getting our proven formula for website success. This includes getting visible naturally on Google (yes, without having to pay for advertising) and getting website visitors to know, like and trust you instantly.

Many competitors have tried to copy our website designs, but they usually fail because they don’t understand that our websites are based on a proven system we’ve developed over the years.

Our success formula is built right into the website – a combination of in-depth research and planning, meticulous interviews, hours and hours of design and writing the right story to convey the right values and emotional connection and of course, smart marketing fundamentals.

The Other Designers…
  • They don’t care if your website works.
  • Most likely they downloaded a free template and slapped up a website for you in the quickest time possible.
  • If your website can’t be found on Google, they’d happily recommend you to use their Google advertising services or get you to buy an additional SEO package to “fine-tune” your website more.

Safe From Hackers

When we manage your website, we help you keep all the back-end good stuff in tiptop shape. All bugs are fixed, all pages are backed up and updated and anything that’s not right is made right again.

You won’t see this because it’s not visible on the front-end of your website. But you’ll experience it when your website loads super quick, loads perfectly in mobile and desktop and never experience unwanted website break-ins.

Know that your website is hosted on premium web servers (think of it like an exclusive gated community) and we pay to have professional server tech folks on standby to fix any issues if they happen.

The Other Designers…
  • They will never bother about cybersecurity because if they do, they’d have to help you take care or manage your website. To them, this is the least glamorous part of website design. Why bother?
  • Some don’t even know about cybersecurity and cyber protection measures. Even if they did, they don’t want to learn all this. It’s too technical and too boring!

Actual, Tangible Results

Since we take a huge responsibility for our clients’ success (and we manage their websites), we often check in with our clients and get their feedback and comments.

Many testimonials are given happily because our clients themselves are blown away by the business enquiries and sales from their websites and their organic Google first page rankings.

Our testimonials are accompanied by the full names of our clients and their photos and speak of actual, tangible results they obtained as a result of getting their websites developed and maintained by Redbox Studio!

The Other Designers…
  • Many don’t have reviews or testimonials from their customers.
  • Those who do have the wrong kind of testimonials – they don’t reflect results achieved because most likely they don’t follow up with their clients nor care about the results.