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Your Website Questions Answered By Industry Experts

We will no longer be offering Tech Tuesdays as we have many ongoing events currently open to entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to attend our other business-related events, check out Marketing Mojo or Big Timer.

We started Tech Tuesdays more than 10 years ago to help small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We have educated hundreds of entrepreneurs about what a website can really do for their businesses if they started with the correct foundation. 

With our 19 years of web design and web marketing expertise (website design, copywriting, technical matters, programming to marketing strategies), we are still excited about helping entrepreneurs get started right online just as we have helped these clients.

But our schedules have become more intense with our book, events and clients. As a result, we have no choice but to discontinue Tech Tuesdays.

Although we are no longer offering Tech Tuesdays, we will continue to educate you about high performance websites and how to market effectively online when you read our blog and soon, through our video series. 

Still, you may still need help and may have questions like:

“What should I know before I get myself a website?”
“How should I use my Facebook page?” 

“How can I make my website more credible and useful to my website visitors?” 
“How do I get my website visible on Google?”

You can now get answers to all these questions and more when you buy our book which we published in 2016.

If you need help urgently, you may consider a personal website strategy consultation for your business. 

The bottom line is, these days you have to be a smarter entrepreneur and to do so, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge. Know how to use your website as a marketing tool.

It is not enough to have a website as an online brochure. If you’re still using your website as an online brochure, you’re wasting precious marketing money!

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Everyone Loves Tech Tuesday

It’s For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Get Their Websites Started Successfully

“It is great stuff! It let me understand deeply about how to create a website and get customers’ attention for my products.”

“Duration is just nice. Learnt a lot!”

“Good idea to have this talk, sharing tips with people like us who do not know much about websites. Great job!”

“Overall it is fantastic! Mind opening from a different perspective that will help people from marketing and sales to use e-solutions better.”

Very informative! Substance is good. No marketing hype at all!”