Finding Hidden Revenue With A Website Redesign

The Client: Tropical Spice Garden is a well-known, award-winning eco-tourism garden in Teluk Bahang, Penang. It attracts tourists and horticulture fans who love the naturally landscaped garden with its lush foliage. Besides eco-tourism, it also offers a plethora of activities for families with children such as night walks and cooking … Read more

Starting A Business: An Unconventional Method No One Ever Tells You About

Photo credit: VividImageInc A lot of books and websites tell you that you must “do what you love” and “do what you’re passionate about”. It sounds simple enough. But when you’re ready to jump into a business of your own, the advice is hard to follow. It’s tough to decide what … Read more

How To Get Sponsors To Say Yes To Your Event

One of those things I get a lot is fundraising for charity in the form of emails and appeals for help. Penang is definitely a city for lots of generous and warm-hearted people but if people get bombarded with too many “help me, help my organization” pleas, they get tired. … Read more