Marketing Mojo Meetup

Attract, Convert & Retain Customers Without Tears or Fears!

Nic Sim, CEO and founder of Redbox Studio has been teaching and facilitating these marketing discussions since 2012. 

Why would a web design company teach you about marketing? For 2 reasons. One, unlike other web design companies whose focus is just on design, our focus is on Marketing – we’re marketers inside out.

Second, your website is just one part of the entire marketing ecosystem that makes up your success. If you don’t understand marketing, you will forever struggle in your business.

In 2017 sessions, you’ll learn:
  • how to become the expert in your space
  • how to focus on 3 important factors that drive all your revenue and profit
  • how to gain more time for yourself while having more fun in your business
  • how to create products that will attract different groups of customers
  • how to position your business so that it stands out and gets the right attention and eye balls!

Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Use Smarter Marketing To Grow Your Business 

We’ve worked with enough business owners in the past 19 years to know that Marketing for the Big Boys is not suitable for small business owners like you and me. 

What started out as a way to educate our clients and friends about marketing for entrepreneurs since 2012 has turned into a much anticipated event 4 times a year.
You’ll experience an abundance of marketing ideas and strategies like never before. Everyone is fun, friendly and eager to help each other out during our Marketing Mojo Meetups even if you’ve just met them five minutes before!

We need different approaches – smarter ones too – because we’re not as resource-rich as the Big Boys. Discover how you can use what you have to market more effectively! 

All Marketing Mojo Meetups include free flow of coffee, tea and cakes; marketing materials and the opportunity to network with business owners.
You’ll meet and network with other business owners at Marketing Mojo Meetups. Partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures are sparked when you get to know the right decision makers within a high trust environment.
So Good For Small Businesses
Catchy, simple. I am going to take it back to my department and share this with them. This is beneficial for small businesses and even marketers as well. Continue to organize them!”
Nancy Ong
Penang Adventist Hospital
Driving SMEs Forward
Marketing Mojo Meetup lessons are easy to understand. We will definitely use what we've learnt in our business to get the right target customers. I truly enjoy these sessions!
Teoh Hee Ay
Thunder Print Sdn Bhd

When You Attend, You're Really Saying,
“I Care About The Success Of My Business”.

And you should.

Play and learn through our self-developed business game called Big Timer. This helps you understand at a deeper level the marketing concepts we teach.
Our group marketing discussions help you master your marketing and take charge of your business.
Best Marketing Advice Ever!
We didn’t have high expectations, and generally “marketing” is a bit of a black box to us. However Nic’s conceptualisation of the various marketing roles is probably the best piece of marketing information we have ever received, and this instantly snapped into place a lot of things we haven’t really understood to-date. At last, a marketing person who makes sense! Also great to share the ideas of other business owners as well. Really looking forward to the next session!”
Dr Mike Thair
Mind Expanding Ideas 
The idea of there are plenty of fish in the sea was an eye opener for me as I always wonder whether there will be enough for such a large pool of doctors from the same speciality. The idea of concentrating on particular group of clients that is relevant and spending more time with them hit the nail on the head. I had difficulties about location but now I am trying to think where I could concentrate to identify my potential clients.
Dr Sivakumar Balakrishnan

Register for Marketing Mojo Meetup

4 Exclusive Sessions For You This 2017 


  • 15 March 2017
  • 14 June 2017
  • 13 September 2017
  • 13 December 2017

3pm to 6pm

China House Cafe, Beach Street, Penang
(Upstairs at The Vic)

RM75/pax/session (with registration)
RM100/pax/session (walk-in without registration)

  • Paid tickets are not refundable.
  • They are transferable so you may pass your ticket to others to attend on your behalf.
  • Get an exclusive Action Guide created specially for Marketing Mojo to write your ideas and key actions for marketing.