Work With Us

If you are interested to get help for your website and marketing,
here's how we can get started.

Working with us is a little different from working with other web designers. We specialise in expertise and knowledge to help you in your business rather than function merely as your website designer. Our strategies in using websites for effective marketing will help you grow your business online and offline. 

Good to know: 

  • Redbox Studio’s premium website design package inclusive of SEO, copywriting & marketing strategy package starts at RM20,000.
  • If you have a limited budget but still want a professional website, check out Redbox Easyweb (self-managed website system from RM599 per year).

Here are two ways we can get started.

  1. Meeting (Tech Tuesday)
    Sign up for Tech Tuesday.
  2. Paid consultation
    Fully rebated if you choose to use our premium website package within 1 week.

Option 1:
Meeting at Tech Tuesday

Sign up for Tech Tuesday. It will be held at the meeting room at Eureka Complex, USM (where we are based).

Tech Tuesdays allow us to explain to you how and why our websites work so well and what you can consider if you intend to get a brand new website or a website redesign.

  • If you are an IT manager or marketing executive, get your boss or the one who will be ultimately making the decision to join this meeting.
  • Before you attend, please download and read our free website report. This helps you understand the 11 major website mistakes to avoid.

    (Or buy our book if you want to find out more about using websites for effective marketing).

    Note: If your focus is getting the cheapest website designer, then we’re probably NOT the right fit for you. We focus on getting results for our clients and helping our clients transform into the heroes of their industries. If results, good reputation and good PR don't matter to you, then a Redbox Studio website is definitely not for you. 

Option 2:
Paid Consultation

If you prefer that we meet at your office, we consider this meeting a paid consultation.

A 1-hour consultation is priced at RM3,000*. An invoice will be emailed to you so that you can settle the full amount before we meet.

*Fully rebated when you confirm using our premium web design package within 1 week after the consultation.

Most website design companies will send an inexperienced sales newbie to meet you.

Not so in our case. We want you to have experts at the start so you’ll meet with Nic and Krista who are owners of the business and experts in their own fields.

Both have more than 18 years of expertise in design, copywriting, search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing and can answer any question you, your IT manager, marketing manager or corporate communications manager may have. 

During the paid consultation session, we are ready to advise you on how you can solve your biggest website, IT, marketing or branding dilemma. For this reason, Redbox Studio has been called the Rolls-Royce of web design by its loyal clients. 

After the consultation, you can decide what you want to do with the recommendations and advice that we’ve given.

Invite your senior management team to sit in at this meeting so that we can give them all the answers they need about websites, marketing and more. 

Let us know when you'd like to have the consultation and we will invoice you accordingly. 

If you are ready to experience a new way of marketing online, starting with a well-researched website and you understand our preliminary meeting process as outlined above, let’s talk.