Let’s Level Up

Remember we told you about Level Up, a networking event that we were co-hosting with Sri Shan Bid on 15 May? Well that date has come and gone and what with all our website development projects and own marketing events, we almost forgot to blog about this! Think of Level Up as a networking event […]

Do You Want a Partner or Vendor?

  One of the unique qualities of working with Redbox Studio is this – we take care of your website like it is our website. You may be thinking, how so? How many website design companies do you know that actually check clients’ websites regularly? Not many. Because frankly, that’s the last thing any website […]

How Important Is Website Content?

Myth: Website content is not important. All you need is a beautifully designed website. Fact: Website content is extremely important especially today. If all you have is a beautiful website without any substantial content, you will be spending more money to get traffic (website visitors) to your website. You have to try harder to attract […]

When I Am Big Enough

  We love talking to sales people – the good ones and the terrible ones. You can find out a lot of things about a business when you speak to their sales people or employees. Some weeks ago, I was at a salon. I was chatting with the facial therapist just before my session started. She […]

Ghost Bridges & Pirate’s Treasure

We had an amazing turnout on 4 June  for our Marketing Mojo Meetup at China House Cafe.   As usual, it was full of exciting networking opportunities, good food and of course, some totally different ideas about getting the prospects to come to you. After all, we hear this all the time from business owners […]

Feasting With Your Eyes

We were having dinner at one of the new restaurants at The One (located opposite Mayang Mall) last night when I realized something. This restaurant is new. The chairs and tables are new. Framed photos of their food (in this case, BBQ or roast meats and roast duck and their signature Pipa roast duck) decorated […]

Want To Join Level Up On 15 May?

Here’s a quick announcement – besides our upcoming Marketing Mojo Meetup on 4 June (Wed) at China House Cafe, we are also organizing a casual hangout session for people who aspire or want to start a small business called Level Up Hangout. This FREE event happens on 15 May (Thursday) from 7pm to 9pm at […]