Congratulations, Yeong Kien Choong!

Congratulations Yeong Kien Choong! You have won yourself the 32 GB pen drive in our Hari Malaysia Contest. While we had many all-correct entries (after all the quiz was drop-dead easy, right?), the winner was eventually picked using an app to make sure it was totally fair and square. So dear Yeong Kien Choong, you […]

Why Cheap Is Harmful To Your Business

We’ve been in this website design industry long enough (actually 16 years) to have seen and heard them all. The horror stories. The crazy stories. We’re The 911 For Website Issues But every other day, we still get SOS calls from people, usually business owners, who are desperate to get themselves a new website. They’re […]

Do You Maintain Websites?

Here’s a question we got a few days ago via email. “If I already have a website, could I get you guys at Redbox Studio to maintain it for me?”   Here’s what we say. Every web designer has their own way of creating a website so in all honesty, it would be counter-productive to […]