Building Your Marketing Bridge

“Good sharing among industry players.” “Attendees are very supportive in helping each other with marketing challenges.” “Nic’s sharing was excellent.” “Enjoyable session – good that it’s done in a casual atmosphere with a small group.” “Very insightful. As always, Nic’s advice helps us look at the bigger picture and think out of the box. I […]

Networking & Marketing Event on 5 March

This round at Marketing Mojo Meetup, Nic will be explaining about prospecting and how you can go about getting the right prospect to raise his hand and identify himself to you. Lots of people think a prospect is just about anyone. We hear this all the time whenever we ask – “So…who are your customers?” […]

What’s New At Redbox Studio

Where did January go? Yeah, you’re also wondering, right? To say that it’s been a busy month for us at Redbox Studio is pretty much an understatement. But we’re chuffed and super excited. Free Upgrade, Until 1 March First we’ve been making improvements to our self-managed, budget website product, Redbox Easyweb. As always, our R&D […]

Our Xmas Video Just For You

Our Christmas video started as a tradition some 3 years ago as a way for us to recap the milestones of our year as well as express our deepest appreciation to our clients who have been trusting us to design, write and maintain their websites. Everyone loves them (and let’s be frank, we like doing […]

Why Our Company Is Named Redbox

Some 15 years ago on this date, someone young (well, he isn’t so young now) decided to ride his Honda motorbike across the Penang Bridge to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia to register his company. He had had enough of his employer and felt he could do a much better job on his own, without the chains […]

What I Learnt As An Intern At Redbox Studio

Sang Gita Devi was the other intern from Universiti Malaysia Perlis who interned with us for 3 months, similar to Wilson. Here’s her take on what she did at Redbox Studio. ==================================== What I Learnt As An Intern At Redbox Studio  By Sang Gita Devi Before undergoing my incubator programme/ internship, my idea about internship […]

The Internship With A Difference

This blog post below is written by one of our interns, Wilson Ong, who recently completed his 3 month internship with us at Redbox Studio. He was one of the two interns that we chose after an unorthodox interview session in February. Whenever we take in interns, we want them to experience real work. They […]