It’s Your Website, Not The Bloody SEO

Just this morning we spoke to a lady who wanted to know how we could help her flailing website.

We get lots of requests like this because most people’s websites don’t work the way they want them to work.  At its core, it’s a simple problem.

They Didn’t Design It For Marketing

The person who designed the website didn’t design the website for marketing. The web designer just designed it for visual appeal. In some cases, the visual wasn’t so appealing after all!

So when this business owner came to us, she asked if she could just SEO her website.

We’ve heard this TOO frequently.

Every expert comes along and suggests a bunch of things to improve a website. Chief among them will be SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimization, just in case you didn’t know. This SEO term has been bandied about and seems to be the cure for everything that is ailing a website which performs badly.

Every SEO expert says they can get your website to be on the first page of Google/Bing/Yahoo/whatever search engine out there.

Slapping On a Band Aid, Anyone?

Many website owners hear this and scramble to find out how they can get their website to appear on the first page of Google or whatever search engine.

Here’s our take.

If your website has a problem, fix that website problem. Most website owners have this funny idea that the website’s all right but not having proper SEO is the problem!

So they engage SEO expert after SEO expert to add on keywords which will bring their website up the rankings and help them appear on search engine results pages.

Then again, we ask – what keyword are you ranking for? And for which search engine? In case you have not noticed, the same keyword does not rank the same in every search engine.

Pay Attention To Conversion At Your Website

Here’s another question.

Once you get your number one ranking on the first page of Google, but if your website still sucks, will your website convert the people or traffic that you’ve brought by the bucket-loads to your website?

Sure, the SEO tips and tricks may help bring in the needed traffic but what happens next?

Have you made sure your website can convert traffic into customers?

Your Problem Really Isn’t The Real Problem

That’s the problem with starting to fix a problem without looking at what the real problem is.

Many people think it’s Problem X (I don’t have enough traffic, hence I must bring in traffic) or Problem Y (I think I am not getting enough enquiries on my website because I don’t promote my website well enough).

The main problem with most websites is that there is a sore lack of interesting, useful, relevant, pertinent content – content which helps you become distinctive in the online space.

Why do blogs do so well? They have content which are appealing, exciting and interesting.

SEO in our opinion is like the plaster or Handiplast or Band Aid you use to bandage a wound on your finger. Sure it helps for the moment.

But if you wonder why the wound doesn’t heal, shouldn’t you be looking at the wound and what’s wrong instead of changing your Band Aid or Handiplast every two days or so?

So the next time someone tells you that SEO is the way to fix your problematic website, ask yourself: Is it really an SEO problem or does the problem lie deeper (and one that you have been ignoring for sometime)?

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