Attract More (And Better)
Customers To Your Business

Using A Website Built with Redbox X-Factor
Most websites fail because they’re not built for marketing.
Our websites are exceptionally different because
they’re designed to help you do better, smarter marketing.


They’re designed and written based on Redbox X-Factor

(a system we developed that’s inspired by Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art.)

When your website is built with Redbox X-Factor, your business gets credible. Website visitors trust you. When prospects are ready to buy, they buy from you, and only you. It shoves your competitors out of the way. Your website markets your business so effectively, your competitors won’t even know it!

First Time Here?

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to be more effective with marketing using your website but you don’t know how or where to start, we’re here to help with our website design packages, marketing workshops and products.

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Premium Website Design


When you decide to go for a premium website, know that it’s made for marketing and powered by Redbox X-Factor. Your website is designed and written for you, inclusive of organic SEO. Our powerful design and content elements are developed based on proven research. Our websites are meticulously crafted using a detailed 63-step process like no other. Here are some selected website work. 

Marketing Workshops


Overwhelmed by marketing? Learn the fundamentals of attracting customers using radically different approaches, guaranteed to captivate your customers and endear you to them! Discover smarter ways to generate prospects and better ways to transform them into customers without being sleazy or pushy. Marketing can be fun and effective if you know how. Join our marketing events!



Learn with our ebooks and online courses. Our products are designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating your first website, marketing your products, writing content for your website and more. We’ve distilled our knowledge and expertise of the past 16 years into these products so they’re truly your short cut to online success. Products available starting February.

When your website is built for marketing,
your website enjoys these advantages:

Gets onto the first page on search engines, organically.
Attracts prospects and turns them into quality customers.
Continues to generate prospects and customers for you, over and over.
Positions your business as the leader and expert of your industry.


Both Nic and Krista are very intelligent and also passionate about what they are doing. I appreciated the attention to detail in every aspect during the construction of the website, a philosophy that mirrors my own. Both of them are really easy to work with and are prepared to give me time to discuss ideas, address concerns, solve problems. Each meeting I’ve had has merely reinforced that I made the right decision to go with Redbox Studio.

Other companies aim to get visitors to the website. Redbox Studio aims to get customers through the door.

Dr Khoo Saye Thiam
Dr Khoo Saye