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    New & Qualified Prospects

    Discover how to easily get prospects through your door!

  • Converting Prospects
    Into Customers

    Create the right trust elements to persuade prospects to buy

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Frustrated That You Can’t Find
Your Website Online?

Embarrassed by your ugly, outdated website?
Overwhelmed and totally lost when it comes to online marketing?

Most websites fail miserably – they can’t be found online, they’re outdated and ugly and most of all, they don’t help their owners market the way they should!

It’s not your fault if you suffer from these problems.

Your website was probably built by web designers who don’t understand websites or marketing. As such, your website won’t get you any results which is such a waste of money, isn’t it?

We can help because we understand how to design websites which work as your greatest marketing tool.

We’ve been helping clients with website design, website copywriting, website maintenance and online marketing since 1998. That’s why we know what works and what doesn’t.

In fact, our websites do very well because our core expertise is marketing. They’re designed to help you market your business by creating trust and turning you into the hero of your industry. We continue to help you even after your website’s launched with our marketing classes, workshops and products.

If you’re frustrated right now with your website, it’s time to work with us and start seeing real, tangible online results!

Master Class 2016:
One Mountain One Dragon

7 October 2016
Penang, Malaysia

No textbook theories or dry, boring stuff. You will be learning actual strategies which we’ve used in marketing our web design business for the past 18 years.  We’ve done what most people in the industry said cannot be done and we will show you how you can do the same for your industry. We teach what we know and we teach what works. It’s all about proven strategies and tactics and more importantly, results!

Here’s Your Solution

Get effective with your website and learn smarter marketing strategies starting today!

Premium Website Design


When you decide to go for a premium website, know that it’s made for marketing and powered by Redbox X-Factor. Your website is designed and written for you, inclusive of organic SEO. Our powerful design and content elements are developed based on proven research. Our websites are meticulously crafted using a detailed 63-step process like no other. Here are some selected website work.

Marketing Events


Overwhelmed by marketing? Learn the fundamentals of attracting customers using radically different approaches, guaranteed to captivate your customers and endear you to them! Discover smarter ways to generate prospects and better ways to transform them into customers without being sleazy or pushy. Marketing can be fun and effective if you know how. Join our marketing events!



Learn with our products such as ebooks and online courses. Our products are designed to teach you everything you need to know about creating your first website, marketing your products, writing persuasively for your website, how to rank well in search engines and more. We’ve distilled our knowledge and expertise of the past 17 years into these products so they’re truly your short cut to online success.

Trusted By Professionals & Industry Leaders

We work with some of the best businesses in Malaysia



Both Nic and Krista are very intelligent and also passionate about what they are doing. I appreciated the attention to detail in every aspect during the construction of the website, a philosophy that mirrors my own. Both of them are really easy to work with and are prepared to give me time to discuss ideas, address concerns, solve problems. Each meeting I’ve had has merely reinforced that I made the right decision to go with Redbox Studio. Other companies aim to get visitors to the website. Redbox Studio aims to get customers through the door.

Dr Khoo Saye Thiam
Dr Khoo Saye ThiamSurgeonPenangSurgeon.com

I am averaging 5 wedding enquiries per week and this is not including the other general enquiries we are receiving – I can safely say we have never experienced this amount of web traffic since our web inception in 2005. Working with Redbox Studio has really been a breath of fresh air. They have been most professional and efficient in all their services rendered. I like that they are a company with expertise and are really committed to developing business websites that show a REAL difference.

Katharine Chua
Katharine Chua Managing DirectorTropical Spice Garden